Friday, October 2, 2009

Accountant Marketing: Let Your Accounting Services be Visible

Professional accountants are in great demand today. If you are a qualified accountant or tax professional and do not have enough customers, there might be something wrong. You might not be using the right kind of accountant marketing.

Today, people use the internet to find everything they need, from pizzas to plane tickets. There is no reason why they wouldn’t use the internet to find tax or accounting professionals to fit their needs. This gives you a quick idea as to where to start accountant marketing – the internet.

Industry specific directories are the first place where people look to find the business they are looking for. You too have used online directories of various kinds to find everything from a local florist to hotel rooms in Europe, while you still were in the United States. Accountants can benefit from their presence in directories that list accountants and accounting services. Thus, the first step in accountant marketing on the internet is getting listed in a respected industry directory.

If your business is listed in a reputed directory, it is easy for potential customers to reach you. Being listed on reputable websites also may show that you have high levels of credibility.

Other means of accountant marketing online can include pay-per-click advertising through major search engines and by buying advertisement spots from various websites. Both of these options are a tough task for a professional, whose main knowledge is of accounting, tax planning, and bookkeeping. Other options you have include advertising in industry magazines or in the classified sections of newspapers. Without a doubt, you know these are costly affairs.

However, when you list your services on an industry leading online directory, you get all of the benefits of advertising, at much a lower price and with little headaches. The directories do the work to reach the maximum number of potential customers through all the different means of advertising.

Not every directory is made the same and it is not wise to spend time and money on directories that have an unprofessional or less than perfect user interface. The best thing you can do for accountant marketing is to find a directory that is listed with search engines, has a good user interface, and is free for the users. The directory also must have an easy interface to help users easily locate the CPA, Enrolled Agent, Bookkeeper, Tax Planner, or any professional of their choice.

Overlooking this one aspect of your career can be costly, in terms of lost opportunity. In fact, accountant marketing is not a one-time expenditure. It is an ongoing process, to keep new clients and to retain existing clients. Your marketing efforts can also increase your exposure. Make sure you choose the right channels for accountant marketing and make sure you have a high ROI.


Accountant Marketing - Accountant marketing can easily be one of the first overlooked areas in the career of an accountant.

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