Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pursuing a Career in Bookkeeping

What does a bookkeeper do exactly though? Bookkeepers are charged with all facets of financial activity within a business, including transaction management, recordkeeping, bank activity, money collected from accounts receivable and disbursed for accounts payable, petty cash and more. Depending upon the organization they work for, the scope of their job may include invoice preparation, payroll, purchasing, and collections. That’s just the day-to-day. They have to tie all this data into monthly/weekly/yearly reports and summaries for their managers, who rely on this information to see that their business is performing responsibly, in accordance with the business model and, most importantly, in the black.

Working environments for bookkeepers vary with the company for which they’re employed, but the job almost always involves individual more than collaborative labor.

What do you need to do to become a bookkeeper? A love for numbers is helpful. If you had a knack for math in school, you’re well on your way. A two-year Associate Degree or Certificate in Finance, Accounting or Business provides an excellent educational foundation, but many schools offer a specialized bookkeeping certification program. There are programs available at most community colleges and an increasing number of online programs, which are perfect for working professionals or those without an offering college nearby.

As offices become increasingly automated, computer savvy is essential, especially with a variety of finance and accounting software programs, including Quickbooks, MYOB, and Peachtree.

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