Friday, August 21, 2009

The Home Based Bookkeeper

If you are looking for a home based business to start in Huntsville Alabama and you are good with money and numbers, consider starting a home based bookkeeping business. There are many micro and small businesses in Huntsville that need someone to do their books that they can reasonably afford on an independent part time contract basis. That person could be you.

Internet technology and broadband allows a bookkeeper to do most of the work from the comfort of their home via their computer. You can work for clients locally, and at a distance. You can work with small and micro bricks and mortar businesses or other home based business in Huntsville on an independent contract basis. This means that you are not their employee, you are an independent business owner. They pay you a straight fee and you are responsible for your own taxes, business licensing, and registrations.

To start a bookkeeping business from home you need the following:

Training or Education in Bookkeeping or Accounting

You do not need a special license to be a bookkeeper but it is nice to have training, certification, and the honest ability to do the job. In Huntsville you can get bookkeeping training in a variety of places, one is via online training through the University of Alabama's Division of Continuing Education. You can go there and click on Certified Bookkeeper. If you have no training at all in bookkeeping please choose bookkeeping the easy way or consider attending Calhoun Community College. You can earn a two year accounting degree. You may earn an Associates of Science degree or an Associate in Applied Science degree at Calhoun.

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