Monday, January 5, 2009

Top 10 tax tips for 2009

For 2009, here are my 10 resolutions for saving more taxes:

Resolution #1: Open a TFSA. The new tax-free savings account, launched Jan. 1, is the ideal place to put up to $5,000 of savings and earn tax-free income and/or gains for life. Any withdrawals are not taxed, do not negatively affect eligibility for government-tested benefits and can be re-contributed the following calendar year.

Resolution #2: Maximize RRSP contributions. The RRSP limit for 2009 is the lesser of 18% of 2008 earned income or $21,000. Get a head start on your 2009 contribution today.

Resolution #3: Set up a spousal RRSP. The primary benefit of a spousal RRSP is that funds withdrawn can generally be taxed in the hands of the (hopefully) lower-income spouse.

Resolution #4: Earn tax-efficient investment income. For those who have maxed out their RRSP and TFSA contributions, consider tax-efficient investment income outside of these tax-sheltered plans by investing in Canadian dividends, which are eligible for the dividend tax credit, and capital gains, which are only half-taxable.

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