Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tips to Keep Your Bookkeeper Happy

  1. Keep and label all credit card receipts and give them to your bookkeeper on a regular basis.
  2. Let your bookkeeper know when you will/will not be available to sign checks and approve invoices.
  3. Keep your bookkeeper up-to-date with payroll information. This is usually a business’ greatest expense. If this information is not posted promptly and accurately it can cause quite a problem.
  4. When available, allow your bookkeeper to access your account online in order to keep books up to date.
  5. Don't move things around so that your bookkeeper can find things easily when they return to your office.
  6. Do not hover over the bookkeeper. We are professional, trustworthy people. We are bonded. Let us do the work!
  7. Make lots of money – bookkeeping is always easier when there’s more money!

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