Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services - Benefits

In the olden days, bookkeeping was done by maintaining many account books, ledgers and journals. A large number of people were employed to do the job. Some supervisory staff were also required for monitoring the job. The businessmen would be spending much time, energy and money towards it. For a businessman, time is most important. He should not waste his precious time in managing bookkeeping. Even if we employ some person for this job, he has to supervise the accounts often.

he audit work and filing return are really tough and the accounts manager has to sit for day and night to do the job. The employer has to spend a lot of money to look after the needs of staff engaged in-house doing the job of bookkeeping. He has to provide space and meet the overhead costs for maintenance. He has to invest a huge amount for providing infrastructure. He has to train the staff to the new technologies introduced every now and then.

Now, everything has become simple. Many people prefer for outsourcing bookkeeping services. India has become a centre place for doing the work of bookkeeping services on outsourcing basis and many countries utilize the services of India. Many small and large companies are doing the job of outsourcing bookkeeping successfully. Let us see the benefits of this arrangement.
  1. First, our time is saved when the work of bookkeeping is let to an agency.
  2. Second thing, we need not do the hazardous job of managing staff those look after the accounts. Giving them salary, leave, insurance benefits and fringe benefits could be avoided. They is no overhead cost.
  3. The employer need not spend time and money for training the existing staff of the new techniques of bookkeeping.
  4. The space, cost of computer, hardware and software required for maintaining accounts could be reduced.
  5. The services of bookkeeping and tax return are done by the same person and the employer need not worry about filing tax returns.
  6. The work would be done as per the customer satisfaction by outsourcing company and there won’t be any delay. The outsourcing companies provide full time services.
  7. Many outsourcing companies have started giving online services also, which are really helpful for the business people. The businessman could check the progress of the work from anywhere and at any time, through online.
  8. The contacting of outsourcing companies doing the bookkeeping job has become very easy now. We could contact them by making a phone call, sending email or instant message.
  9. As the work of bookkeeping is done by an outsourcing agent, the cost of infrastructure is very much reduced and the system maintained by outsourcing company is more secure, as per agreement.
  10. Many business companies have experienced significant growth in business and the outsourcing bookkeeping service is suitable for small concerns as well as for big concerns.
The business people to withstand and grow, has to accept the changes introduced in the field. At the same time, some arrangements are available for them to simplify their day to day work such as outsourcing of certain jobs. As there is no risk involved and they could concentrate well in business, outsourcing is really a boon. As far as outsourcing bookkeeping is concerned, the outsourcing companies are providing excellent service and their charges are nominal, compared to the expenses of engaging regular in-house employees. So, we have to welcome this change, as many persons are getting employment in this job.

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Sherra Scott ~ Virtual Assistant said...

You make some wonderful points for reasons to outsource bookkeeping services. As a Virtual Assistant and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor my business, Quality Practice Management Solutions, wouldn't be in existence if businesses didn't outsource. However, I am based in the United States. Business owners need to understand that outsourcing does not automatically equal "overseas".

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