Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Online Bookkeeping Course FAQ

Can I Complete a Distance Learning Class in Bookkeeping While Working a Full Time Job?

Classes from accredited universities offer a great deal of flexibility for people who lead busy lives. Many people complete distance education classes while working full time or raising a family.

Will My Employer Pay for Me to Complete an Online Bookkeeping Course?

Many companies will pay for classes or provide tuition reimbursement to employees who complete distance learning classes. Tuition reimbursement usually takes place after completion of an online bookkeeping course. Many companies require that employees maintain good grades in their distance education program to be eligible for reimbursement. Check with your employer to find out the specific terms of their tuition reimbursement program.

How Often Are New Bookkeeping Courses Online Offered?
Distance education classes take place on an ongoing basis. Job skill training often starts directly following student registration. Check with the individual accredited colleges of interest to find out more about class times and schedules.

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