Friday, September 19, 2008

Tax Advantages of a Home-Based Business

What Kind Of Tax Advantages Do Home-Based Businesses Enjoy?

You have probably thought of many of the benefits of running your own successful accounting and bookkeeping service. From the independence of working for yourself to making better income than you may currently make, there are many reasons that starting a home-based business might be right for you. One consideration that you might not have taken into account is the tax advantages that you will enjoy with a business run out of your home. Let's explore these qualifying deductions, starting with the better-known ones.
The Home Office Deduction

The deduction that likely comes first to mind that home-based businesses can take advantage of is the "Home Office Deduction". The Home Office Deduction allows you to deduct some or all of the expenses of your office at home and related expenses.

To qualify for this deduction, your home office must be the principal place where your business is done. Secondly, the office space must be used exclusively for business use to qualify. For example, if you use your kitchen as your primary workspace, it is likely that you cannot take the home office deduction, assuming that you use it for personal use as well. To be on the safe side, set aside a room as your home office where possible. This will keep you on the safe side should the home office use ever come into question.

Detailed explanations of who qualifies for the Home Office deduction are defined in detail by the IRS themselves.

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