Monday, August 18, 2008

Accounting software answers emissions call

LOCAL company Supply Chain Consulting has developed world-first carbon accounting software so businesses can measure product footprints across global manufacturers and from factory floor to shop.

A specialist in real-time logistics and distribution software, the company adapted its monitoring systems to simplify the capture and analysis of emissions profiles in an organisation and across the extended supply chain.

A range of products is emerging to measure carbon footprints at facility or enterprise level, but CarbonView is the first to capture data across multiple suppliers and locations in an end-to-end way.

Once data is captured, CarbonView executive vice-president Fadi Geha says, the software offers analytical capabilities so businesses can conduct modelling to optimise their use of low-carbon suppliers.

"Once companies get a bit down the carbon reduction path they want to build a granular view of individual product footprints," he says.

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