Friday, June 27, 2008

Tax managers focus more on compliance than planning

Chennai: Tax managers of corporates, who are supposed to look at strategic tax planning, are spending more of their time looking after the tacatical issues of tax compliance. The taxman has perhaps made these people behave differently?

One can look at the situation from two sides. Either, compliance standards have been put very high which require more resources, or corporates have been ignoring compliance issues. There is a third side too, the role of authorities enforcing compliance. What’s the solution? “A customised tax compliance solution to organisations based in India,” says Mr Bharat Parmar, Vice President (Business Development), BMR Managed Services, New Delhi.

But isn’t financial management and accounting in most large organisations managed though the specific modules of ERP systems, Business Line asked. Mr Parmar explained the shortcomings of the system. “Typically these systems are also leveraged by the organisations to help the tax team compute the tax liabilities and extract relevant information but since these applications are primarily financial and accounting solutions, they are not intrinsically capable and aligned when it pertains to the Indian tax compliance requirements.” To incorporate all of the requirements becomes complicated and cost-ineffective in the present systems, he added.

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