Thursday, May 15, 2008

Accountants can save time and money

Computer software packages have made it easier for small business owners to monitor cash flow, prepare tax returns, and handle other financial reporting tasks. Still, keeping up with these chores as your business grows also consumes an increasingly large chunk of precious time, and risks potentially costly mistakes. That's why many entrepreneurs look to outside financial specialists for help.

Choosing the right type of tax, accounting, bookkeeping or other financial help is an important decision. An outside accountant can be one of your most trusted business advisors and a key to your success. Although some business owners work with large national firms, most prefer to work with small independent firms or solo accounting professionals.

Accounting services differ from bookkeeping services, however. An accounting firm prepares financial statements and tax returns based on the numbers that you give them via your own in-house books. Bookkeeping services, if offered, will be extra.

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