Sunday, April 27, 2008

Accounting ripe for outsourcing

In April, accountants scramble to prepare client tax returns for the end-of-the-month deadline. It means long hours and searching for extra bodies to cope with the crunch. Horwath Orenstein, a 100-person chartered accounting firm in Toronto, has found a better way --outsourcing the work to India.

"We discovered it seven to eight years ago from networking in the United States," says partner Gary Marcus. "We found the U.S. was getting into it very deep, primarily from the processing of U.S. tax returns."

Horwath Orenstein partners visited India and were introduced to Datamatics Technologies Ltd., a 16-year-old, publicly traded outsourcer, which employs 700 in its accounting business, including 140 certified public accounts (CPAs) and certified accountants (CAs).

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chickenstar said...

wow! that's a big number for local employment in India this gives a bigger chances and a good future to our brother Indians out there. outsourcing business gives benefits in both sides (the offshore agent and the employee/client). i made a researched about this subject a while ago knowing that there are Philippine companies which gives the same quality of services as an outsourcing company but with lower rates compare to the west. one of these companies is AoV

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