Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Online trend for accounting software

Business technology entrepreneur Duane Jackson says this year is shaping up to be particularly interesting for accounting software providers as more vendors realise the future is online.

Jackson’s company Kashflow has always offered an online solution but he says a number of his competitors are waking up to the fact many small businesses want online software.

“Our main USP has been ease of use and we’re also online,” he says. “A lot of other companies are getting into the same space as us. We now have to work a lot harder on adding features, keeping prices aggressive and customers happy.”

One way of keeping customers happy that Kashflow already employs is offering a free two month trial period on the software. “We don’t want anyone to pay money for something they don’t need,” Jackson says. “Most clients tend to like it and pay later.”

Source : http://www.realbusiness.co.uk/

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