Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Internet accounting's second coming

In recent weeks, several new suppliers have launched into the UK market with online accounting systems designed to provide a common processing platform for businesses and their advisers. John Stokdyk hears about what the new systems have to offer from practitioners who have used them.

Since the turn of the year, we've reported on bunch of new, web-hosted accounting solutions from the likes of Xero, e-conomic and Mamut/IAAITC.

The concept of internet accounting isn't actually new, but the sudden surge of more sophisticated, accountant-friendly systems suggests that attitudes within the profession are becoming more receptive to hosted systems.

As a director of Easycounting, Vantis partner Richard Messik has first-hand experience of internet accounting since before the dotcom boom pretty much wiped out the first wave of pioneers. Easycounting still exists and is used within Vantis to support clients who want a relatively simple online accounting solution. But the firm did not have the resources to develop Easycounting or market it more widely.

Last year, e-conomic approached Messik to talk about its system. Not only was he interested in using it, he offered to help the Danish developer break into the UK.

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