Monday, March 17, 2008

Don't count accounting out

Traditional field takes on new responsibilities

If you hear the word CPA and think of bookkeepers, brown suits, pocket protectors, and gnawed off pencils, then you are way behind the times. While accounting has long conjured images of number crunching and bookkeeping, today's accountants are also at the forefront of dramatic changes in the business world.

"Accounting has always been a crucial part of running a business. You simply can't run an efficient or profitable company if you aren't keeping an eye on your books," says Heidi Godbold, academic program director at Everest College in Colorado Springs, Colo. She explains that with computers and other technological advances eliminating the most tedious parts of accounting, accountants are taking on new roles in business. "The role of an accountant is being transformed from simply helping a business run to helping a business envision its future."

For example, accountants are now involved in estimating and evaluating risk management. "Businesses need accountants to identify and manage risk. They are increasingly part of the team that helps a CEO decide which investments are worth the risk," says Godbold. In fact, a degree in accounting has always been a great way to get into the business world.

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