Monday, February 11, 2008

Squitiro says campaign fund discrepancy is a bookkeeping problem

Mayor Mark Funkhouser’s campaign treasurer — his wife, Gloria Squitiro — acknowledged Wednesday that the couple should have kept a closer eye on how campaign funds were accounted for.

But Squitiro said it’s wrong to conclude that $80,000 is missing from the campaign’s accounts, despite a discrepancy found in spending reports revealed by The Kansas City Star.

“We should have stayed on top of it and we didn’t,” Squitiro said. “That’s completely our fault.”

Squitiro added that she was certain the discrepancies would quickly be reconciled. “I know this will all come out in the wash, because there’s nothing improper,” she said.

However, Squitiro said the bookkeeping problems extend beyond the most recent report. An accountant working as a volunteer for the campaign is trying to reconcile the entire campaign’s finances, which totaled more than $390,000.

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