Friday, February 1, 2008

Is the financial services sector finally warming to BPO?

My interest has been piqued by the recent announcement of Sunlife of Canada outsourcing its UK customer services operation to TCS's Diligenta subsidiary in a $200m deal. This comes hot on the heels of some financial services captive buy-outs in India. The financial services sector has long been the problem child of the BPO industry, with operational executives extremely reluctant to relinquish control over business processes - especially finance and accounting. As I have said on record several times, it will only take a few big deals to hit and many others will follow in a domino effect. Bottom-line, the large BPO providers have capacity and are willing to invest in clients to gain an edge in this market. Most of the near-term deals will more likely be captive acquisitions like the two mentioned above, but this is the clear strategy some of the providers are following to build out a global delivery infrastructure.

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