Monday, September 24, 2007

What are mobile bookkeepers?

Bookkeeping services have evolved significantly in recent years. More and more companies and small businesses are looking to outsource services, turning over parts of their operations to outside experts, allowing owners to focus on critical needs and growth. This has led to an increasing demand for mobile bookkeepers.

Mobile bookkeeping services will offer to pick-up and drop off all the necessary documentation for keeping your financial records upto date. Mobile bookkeepers gibe you the choice of having someone come to your premises as and when required to carryout bookkeeping duties.

Why outsource a bookkeeper?

Many small businesses and sole traders just do not have the time to undertake all the regular data entry, reporting and other paperwork that is necessary to conform with the tax laws and company reporting requirements. Nor do small business operators want to learn to do the bookkeeping.

Why not employ a bookkeeper?

So SME's and sole traders are faced with having to employ a bookkeeper, or look for a mobile bookkeeping service.

Keeping a bookkeeper on staff is not always a wise use of funds or the best way to keep your books error-free, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. So they look to bookkeepers that can travel to their premises, and either do the books on site, or offer a pick-up and delivery service.

SME's often assume they need a full-time bookkeeper to oversee the books. But, in fact, you can be running a $5 million company and still not really require a full-time bookkeeper. Such services have little to do with the volume of sales and more to do with the level of accounting activity, such as invoicing, bill paying, payroll and the like. Companies with a full-time bookkeeper can save about $30,000 a year by using outsourced bookkeeping services, say, a half-day a week.
Benefits of a mobile bookkeeping service

The benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping functions to a service provider include the following:

  • No dedicated partner is required to hire, train, and monitor quality within the bookkeeping department.
  • There is no downtime or unbillable staff time.
  • No equipment or overhead costs are required to maintain adequate staffing levels.
  • Working with the outsourcing provider to customize preferred reporting formats helps with financial statement groupings.

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