Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bookkeeping and Accounting Basics

Bookkeeping and accounting share two basic goals:
  • to keep track of your income and expenses, thereby improving your chances of making a profit
  • to collect the necessary financial information about your business to file your various tax returns and local tax registration papers
Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? And it can be, especially if you remind yourself of these two goals whenever you feel overwhelmed by the details of keeping your financial records. Hopefully you will also be reassured to know that there is no requirement that your records be kept in any particular way. (There is a requirement, however, that some businesses use a certain method of crediting their accounts. See " Cash vs. Accrual Accounting.") In other words, there's no official "right" way to organize your books. As long as your records accurately reflect your business's income and expenses, the IRS will find them acceptable.

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